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obsessed with makeup and crispy seaweed. You'll probably find me in La'go x

Second Chances and Forgiveness

scouse bird second chances and forgiveness
Deep down, I think everyone’s biggest fear is looking weak. We have this preconception that we always have to have the upper hand, no...

Grey hair – how & why I had a transformation

"New hair, who dis?" If you've ever pondered the thought of getting grey hair (before the age of 60), here's why and how I...

7 Signs That You’re Just A Rebound

scouse bird signs you're a rebound
Right ok, so you’ve met your Mr. Perfect. The lad you’ve told all your mates and family about because you think this one could...

Royal Court: The Royal Review

Scouse Bird Royal Court The Royal
I would like to start this review by applauding Lindzi Germain - AKA the Queen of The Royal Court. I can genuinely say she...

13 Things You Know When You’re Dating A Scouse Lad

scouse bird jamie carragher the fit scouse lad
A love letter to our very own boys... the Scouse lad. He owns more shoes than you do You know you’re dating a scouse lad when...

11 Things You Only Know If You’re A Selfie Queen

Everyone loves a good selfie. Here are 11 things you'd only know if you're a true selfie addict. 1. A selfie is part of your...