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Instagrammable Locations: Liverpool’s Top 8

scouse bird instagrammable locations liverpool blogger jessi milton
Liverpool is the city that gave you The Beatles, fit fellas, more museums and galleries than anywhere else in the country* and a whole...

10 Celebrity Break Ups We’ll Never Get Over

When Miley Cyrus split with Liam Hemsworth, the world watched in fascination as she went from saccharine sweet teen pop sensation to full time...

7 Types Of Men To Avoid

We can all a bit too critical when deliberating whether to swipe left or right on Tinder. “Cliché picture with a tiger while travelling?...

Liverpool Empire: Sister Act

sister act
I have never seen the film Sister Act. Alright, calm down. It’s not like I’m saying I’ve never watched Clueless. Sometimes films just pass you...

Liverpool: Some myths are about to be busted…

Aside from maybe New Yorkers, you’ll struggle to find a city’s residents with more love and pride for where they’re born than Scousers. Of...

How To: Not only get things clean, but Monica clean

While some may feel that the fact Monica Geller could afford such a beautiful, spacious apartment in New York is the most unrealistic part...

25 thoughts that go through your head when in Primark

We all know it, we've ALL BEEN THERE. 25 thoughts that will go through your head when shopping in Primark 1. I’ll nip in Primark,...

The 14 guests you’ll meet at a wedding

Wedding season is fast approaching and love is in the air. Unfortunately, that air is also filled with all those other wedding guests you’re...

30 things Scousers actually know to be true

Before I begin, here’s a disclaimer; I’m not scouse - I’m a wool. However, I’ve lived in Liverpool for the past 7 years, my...

How to: Not be a dick on Mad Friday

mad friday
Mad Friday: The last Friday before Christmas, where tradition dictates that office workers celebrate clocking off for the year, and inhale copious amounts of...

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