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Why Rachel Should Have Stayed On The Plane

Yes Friends ended well over a decade ago (God we’re getting old) and yes, there is already a heap of articles online about Central...

How To: Decorate Your Living Room

living room
If you’re one of the 4 million private tenants trapped in renting cycle, you’ll know all too well the pain of dealing with rogue...

The Real Shit That Happens In Your Twenties

Your twenties are your selfish years; the decade you change careers at the drop of a hat, date different men and women, go to...

The 5 Stages of Shopping

I don’t want much in life; I just want to be thin enough to go shopping and not breakdown in Topshop changing rooms crying...

How to: Make Your Rented House a Home

Older people may think young people have never had it so good but with only 1.4 million of England’s 14.3 million homeowners aged between...

Is Your Eyeliner Left Or Right Wing?

Is Your Eyeliner Left Or Right Wing?
The Left or Right Wing? After the shit storm that was 2016, it’s pretty hard to avoid being political these days. Even your ex boyfriend,...

The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

survival guide
If there was ever a survival guided needed, this is definitely it. Does anyone actually like Valentine’s Day? It tends to be stressful, expensive and...

The Feel Good February 28 Day Challenge

Hello February, Goodbye articles about resolutions, diets, positive thinking and making yourself a better person. No longer do you have to read blogs about how...

Clueless: The 2017 Scouse Edition

Clueless; the classic teen flick that gave us all wardrobe envy and showed us that sometimes, kind of incest can be romantic too. None...

The 6 Pillars Of Getting Your Life Together in 2017

Here we are, well into 2017 and life is so far, so good; Donald Trump hasn’t got access to the nuclear codes just yet,...