Freezy Face Juice


Just a quick one because when I mention to people I’ve had Botox they always ask me where I go as it’s so subtly and naturally done. I’ve been going to Lee Walker in B City clinics for years now and I would never go anywhere else. He’s so lovely and a proper artiste who will NOT let you go overboard ensuring you age gracefully for years to come.


He’s also brought out a new range of skincare including a daytime cream with SPF15, a night cream with glycolic acid, a cleanser, a toner and some hand cream. The skin stuff is amazing and leaves your skin feeling like glass and I’ve notice the hand cream has proper improved the look of my hands. I don’t want to scare you girls but after 25 your hands go downhill fast so if your fella hasn’t proposed yet then he’s being a selfish pig cos your hands will look old on all your engagement ring pics. The bastard.

So yeh, that was all!



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