Laser facials


I was invited to the Liverpool branch of Total Fitness to experience one of their laser facials at their Laser Clinic. I don’t associate gyms with beauty and facials, more pain and suffering really – so what’s the script here?

1. What is it and how does it work?

It’s a treatment involving a laser being passed over areas of the skin using multiple wave lengths of light to penetrate down into the layers of the skin. The heat causes the skin to produce new collagen which replaces old tissue with new tissue meaning firmer, smoother skin. A course of about 6-8 sessions is recommended for the full effect. It’s good for fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and general boss looking skin.

2. What does it feel like?

You have to wear blackout goggles so that the laser doesn’t damage your eyes and I found this a bit disorientating at first because I couldn’t see how far away the laser was from my skin. Tara the technician kept lightly touching my face as she worked around the different areas and I kept shittin meself and jumping thinkin I was about to get burnt by the laser but eventually I relaxed and I think I even dozed off for a bit. The laser doesn’t touch your skin at any point and it’s not painful you just feel heat, like being on a sunbed.

3. Does it work?

Afterwards my cheeks and forehead were a little pink, like I’d lightly caught the sun but my skin looked glowing. The day after my make up went on lovely (which is always the true test of how good a facial/cream is I reckon) and that was only after one session so I’d say after a course you’d probably see a dramatic difference.

4. How much does it cost and how do you book?

The current cost is £180 a session BUT they have an offer on until the end of April 2014 for half price sessions (so £90). You can book into the Liverpool branch (which is in the Switch Island Total Fitness) by calling 01515273629 or going on their website – they offer a range of laser treatments such as thread vein removal and hair removal.



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