It’s time to get excited girls. The lazy girl’s hair extensions finally exist – Mago Hair.

I love everything about hair extensions apart from the maintenance and now it’s no longer a problem. These amazing individual style strands from Mago Hair UK go in without clue, weave or ring (and therefore don’t do any damage to your own hair) and then just grow out with your own hair. How fab is that?

Why Mago Hair is fab

  1. No pain
  2. No glue
  3. No weave
  4. No rings
  5. No damage
  6. No thick plaits showing throguh
  7. No loss of hair

This is the most exciting thing to happen in hair and beauty since the dawn of hair extensions and us realising that eyebrows are actually important.

Find the t-shirt I’m wearing in the video here.

If like me, you’re a lazy girl, you might love this dead quick hairstyle that ANYONE can do in less than 60 seconds.


  1. I currently have Mago Hair Extensions and loved them until here recently. I had them put in mid November. I have several autoimmune disorders and my hair has gotten extremely thin and I have always had great hair. However skip on to the end of March when I had to quickly travel out of town for a medical emergency with my oldest daughter who is in college in another state…not sure if it’s the “quick, hurry get ready” state of mind I’ve been in since March 17th or what, but my Mago hair extensions look horrible. They have gotten matted up and I’ve had to take some out because it was so bad. I had been planning on having them taken out and get more in April, but I’m still living out of a quick pack bag in a hotel. I honestly do not know what to do at this point.