Spotty chin sufferer?


I’m not gonna start bemoaning the state of my skin, I actually have quite good skin when it comes to spots. I’m friends with a couple of adult acne sufferers and I definitely count myself lucky in the skin lottery.

However the one thing I’ve never been able to get rid of is my spotty chin. Not big red welts or anything just a sea of blackheads. I’m told chin spots are hormonal – yet another present for being a woman eh?

I’ve been using the Clinique Sonic brush for a few weeks now in conjunction with their face wash and OMG for the first time in my life my chin is clear! Even when I stretch the skin there’s barely a single little darky hiding in the pores. Bravo! Well done Clinique! Thumbs up from moi!

The bristles in the brush get right down into the pores and the sonic vibration breaks up all the dirt and oil (I think) – the face wash provides a good arl clean that’s still kind to your skin. Available from any Clinique counter or you can order from Boots here.





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