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From lip plumping to botox – everything you need to know about the latest cosmetic procedures.


Could this be “Bye! Tra! Cya!” to double chins and ham...

How do you get rid of a double chin? Well the obvious answer would be to lose weight, and you’d be totally right, but...

Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Hollywood Skin Craze…

If I’ve seen 1 picture of J-Lo looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous with the caption “Omg how is she 47??” then I’ve seen 1000....

Dermaroller Facials – Are They Worth It?

Life can be tough enough without your skin deciding to act up. Your mum may be all smug; telling you how she never really...
bigger lips

7 Ways To Get Bigger Lips Today

We all, well most of us, wouldn’t say no to a fuller pout. Big lips are so hot right now. But how can you...

Scousewives – Are We Really That Desperate?

This weekend was a tough one for me, I had a few insults hurled my way by a long term enemy. Some were severe,...
nail salon

Bring The Nail Salon Home And Save a Fortune

You only have to so much as look at freshly nail polished hands and they start chipping, so when gel nails arrived a few...
met quarter

Why you need to visit the Met Quarter this summer

The Met Quarter isn’t just home to the best toilets in Liverpool (seriously, it's the best place to go for a wee) – it’s...

So what makes the perfect pout?

The perfect pout, it’s something we all want but what exactly is it? For some it means the bigger the better but believe it...

Need an energy boost?

Did you know Red Bull have had to pay out millions in court cases because Red Bull doesn't actually give you wings? Yeh I...

Microdermabrasion: A NU start for your skin

A couple of Sundays ago I woke up to a dry mouth and a gBar stamp branded across my hand. It was my second...

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