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Skin care is so important. Nobody wants a face like a roll of sand paper. For all tips and tricks on how to keep your skin looking clear and fresh.

Low maintenance hacks for high maintenance girls

As a Scouse girl, I consider myself to be quite low maintenance when it comes to my beauty regime. That being said, I'm sure...
fake tan

The best and worst I’ve ever bought: Fake Tan

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how 'the best and worst' series would be received when I started it last week. Would anyone be...
scouse bird improve your skin

10 Tips to improve your skin dead dead fast

In my line of work I'm lucky enough to be able to speak to beauty and skin experts on a regular basis. They all...
scouse bird best and worst lush-ultrabland

The best and worst I’ve ever bought: Cleanser

I've made mistakes in my time and I've found some absolute gems of products that I can no longer live without. So consider this...

Skincare: Deciem just changed the game…

Look, I'm not really a massive believer in fancy face creams and pentasuperpeptides that claim they'll make your wrinkles less visible if used 3...
the british style collectivevideo

British Style Collective is coming

The British Style Collective AKA The Clothes Show is FINALLY coming to Liverpool, we all know what that means. Basically its an excuse to go...
soap and glory gift set happy camper setvideo

Soap and Glory gift set ‘Happy Glamper’ what’s inside?

We can always count on Soap and glory to do an amazing gift set. It's just what they do. This year, just in time...
fake tan

The Best Fake Tan Ever?

Fake Tan..It's rare that I fall in love with a product, there'll be products I like sure, there'll even be products I REALLY like...

My Skincare Saviours

When you're younger, moisturising your skin is kind of important, but it's not exactly a priority. You can go to bed every night still...

Who Do You Trust With Your Ladygarden?

Shaving your bits, it's proper annoying isn't it? Spending a good 30 minutes getting into all the nooks and crannies, contorting your body into...

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Keeping up with Mago hair – an extensions update

In August last year I posted about Mago hair, the no maintenance hair extensions and, quite rightly, everyone has been intrigued. Really? NO maintenance...