25 thoughts that go through your head when in Primark

We all know it, we've ALL BEEN THERE. 25 thoughts that will go through your head when shopping in Primark 1. I’ll nip in Primark,...
daily mail

Sassy Bird VS Daily Mail

(Originally published in 2014) Ladies day on national weekend is a Liverpool Institution. Never mind the X Factor, a Sassy Bird’s dream is to win...

Why you need to visit the Met Quarter this summer

The Met Quarter isn’t just home to the best toilets in Liverpool (seriously, it's the best place to go for a wee) – it’s...

Circle Of Fab 2015: Aintree Ladies Day

Despite the paps being warned that they need to pack it in looking for unflattering shots of the ladies at Aintree Ladies Day this...

Venus with love

I posted a picture of my new Venus With Love charm necklace on instagram and I couldn’t believe how many people were going mad...

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Mago Hair – The new ZERO maintenance hair extensions

It's time to get excited girls. The lazy girl's hair extensions finally exist - Mago Hair. I love everything about hair extensions apart from the...