For all the shoe lovers out there. We’ve got the latest trends, a lot of opinions on kitten heels, and shoes you absolutely MUST buy immediately. Beware though, you’ll leave this page with a new pair of shoes (or 10) and an empty bank balance.

the british style collectivevideo

British Style Collective is coming

The British Style Collective AKA The Clothes Show is FINALLY coming to Liverpool, we all know what that means. Basically its an excuse to go...

5 Fab Winter Boots You’ll Adore

You might be a winter hater and firmly in the bank of #TeamSummer, but one thing you can't deny, that unless you're a size...

18 Reasons Why Kitten Heels Make Us Angry

This week, the Guardian wanted to know why everyone is so angry about the return of the kitten heel. Are they messing? Well Guardian, let...

10 Unusual Refund Excuses

“Thank you, have a lovely day!” It’s 6pm and I have said this 100+ times, and my fake smile is getting less and less convincing… Working...

25 thoughts that go through your head when in Primark

We all know it, we've ALL BEEN THERE. 25 thoughts that will go through your head when shopping in Primark 1. I’ll nip in Primark,...

Fringed: Our pick of the best ways to rock the fringing...

Fringing - it's everywhere right now. We go hunting for the best fringed pieces out there - get the credit card ready... The Dress Get 2...

A defence of the kitten heel

Yes you read right. I’m defending the kitten heel. No it's not a trick; if you are seen favouriting this tweet you won't have...
met quarter

Why you need to visit the Met Quarter this summer

The Met Quarter isn’t just home to the best toilets in Liverpool (seriously, it's the best place to go for a wee) – it’s...
ladies day

Circle Of Fab 2015: Aintree Ladies Day

Despite the paps being warned that they need to pack it in looking for unflattering shots of the ladies at Aintree Ladies Day this...

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Keeping up with Mago hair – an extensions update

In August last year I posted about Mago hair, the no maintenance hair extensions and, quite rightly, everyone has been intrigued. Really? NO maintenance...