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Xmas Gift Guide 2017: What to get your dad

He's the one who's always there no matter what time of day or night you need a dad cab, and he's always there to...

Xmas Gift Guide 2017: What to get your mum

You know your mum, she's all like "Oh don't worry about me love, you don't have to get me anything." But woe betide the...
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Xmas Gift Guide 2017: What to get your girlfriend

Yes ok, we're a nightmare to buy for. Here's some heavy xmas gift hints... Xmas Gift Guide 2017: Girlfriend Charles Conrad Watch Is your girlfriend the kind...
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Xmas Gift Guide 2017: What to get your fella

Your mere presence in his life is quite frankly enough of a gift to last him a lifetime, should you deem him worthy of...

Xmas Gift Guide 2017: What to get your best mate

She's been there for you when gobshites ain't, she's matched you shot for shot at every bar in town (and Ibiza) - it's time...
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In defence of so-called homeless bragging

In this city (and country, and world) we have a homeless problem. Charity begins at home but that is all well and good unless...
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4 Apps I Cannot Live Without

I used to work in a phone shop and I had a different phone every month - Samsung e700, Siemens SL55, Motorola RAZR (remember...
scouse bird gin is better than prosecco

14 reasons why gin is better than prosecco

I’ve long been a champion of prosecco – it has, for me, been the drink of the gods. However, all good things must come...
scouse bird things i wish i knew in my twenties

30 Things I wish I’d known in my twenties

Your twenties are supposed to be all fun, responsibility free and 'the best years of your life' (although they did say that about school...
scouse bird signs you're a rebound

7 Signs That You’re Just A Rebound

Right ok, so you’ve met your Mr. Perfect. The lad you’ve told all your mates and family about because you think this one could...

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25 ways you can be angry

Anger is a powerful, intense emotion – but sometimes the reasons for your anger can mix into a compound. A new and even more...