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Food, Drink & Going Out

Everyone’s favourite things. If you’re a huge food and cocktail lover and searching for somewhere to go, look no further. Food, alcohol and going out – name me a more iconic trio. I’ll wait.

The Gin Festival: Liverpool

As y'all know by now, I do love me a gin. Last weekend The Gin Festival came to Liverpool (it's the biggest in the UK...
scouse bird slenderpen skinny injections

Slenderpen: The skinny injections everyone’s talking about

Let’s start off by saying weight loss is a topic that everyone’s got an opinion on – that’s a given. You can either be...
scouse bird four roses bourbon whiskey

Become a Bourbon Drinking Babe

Sometimes I forget how much I love whiskey (and to be honest, specifically bourbon). When you're caught up in the fancy world of gin...
scouse bird gin is better than prosecco

14 reasons why gin is better than prosecco

I’ve long been a champion of prosecco – it has, for me, been the drink of the gods. However, all good things must come...
ice cream new brighton caffe creme the-weird-food-combo-thats-upset-the-country-scouse-bird

Ice Cream: The weird combo that’s upsetting the country – would...

You may have seen it in the news, it divided opinions up and down the country - but Caffe Cream in New Brighton has just...
the british style collectivevideo

British Style Collective is coming

The British Style Collective AKA The Clothes Show is FINALLY coming to Liverpool, we all know what that means. Basically its an excuse to go...

Bottomless Brunch at Pan Am

The Brunch Had an absolutely gorgeous brunch this weekend with the girls at Pan Am - you can bring out all the fancy new bars in the...

The 6 Levels Of Hangover

What level hangover are you at today? Level One Hangover You wake up waiting for the inevitable wave of punishment to hit but it doesn’t come....

Things You Only Know If You’ve Worked In Hospitality

Ever worked hospitality in a bar, restaurant, hotel or any customer facing role where your expected to tend to their every annoying little need? Hospitality...

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