11 Things You Only Know If You’re A Selfie Queen

Everyone loves a good selfie. Here are 11 things you'd only know if you're a true selfie addict. 1. A selfie is part of your...

11 Things that make us embarrassed for no logical reason

Why are we even embarrassed by these? 1. Toilet paper being stuck to your shoe. This is the root of my anxiety, always gota do the back of...

40 Things that really annoy people from Liverpool

There are certain things that will get right on your tits if you're from Liverpool, and you will only really understand them if you're...

Slimming World: 50 Things You Only Know If You Follow It

Slimming World isn't just a weight loss club, it's like a secret society. Here's some things you'll only know if you've ever joined... 1. You'll wear...

The Real Shit That Happens In Your Twenties

Your twenties are your selfish years; the decade you change careers at the drop of a hat, date different men and women, go to...

14 Signs You’re Ready To Hang Up Your Dancing Shoes

I don't want to scare any younger readers but I'm going to let you in on a little spoiler alert. As well as a...

QUIZ: How Scouse are you?

Just found this 'How Scouse are you?' quiz and actually got one wrong! I am fewmin. I blame a hangover (yes on a Tuesday)....

Things You Only Know If You’ve Worked In Hospitality

Ever worked hospitality in a bar, restaurant, hotel or any customer facing role where your expected to tend to their every annoying little need? Hospitality...

Clueless: The 2017 Scouse Edition

Clueless; the classic teen flick that gave us all wardrobe envy and showed us that sometimes, kind of incest can be romantic too. None...

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