Sexy ‘Grey trackies look’ only works on non-mingin lads, studies show

The trick of lads wearing grey jogging bottoms (“joggers”, or sweatpants / trackies) to make them more attractive is well known across Merseyside, and...

Scousewives – Are We Really That Desperate?

This weekend was a tough one for me, I had a few insults hurled my way by a long term enemy. Some were severe,...

Desperate Scousewives Making A Comeback?

It's late 2011 and the fabulous cast of Desperate Scousewives are about to explode onto our screens in a haze of tan, rollers and...

Homesense opens in Aintree

Yesterday Homesense opened its doors on a brand new store in Aintree, Racecourse Retail Park. "Big Woop!" you might think, "What's Homesense?" Well if you...
dogs trust

Dogs Trust to begin taking in Nogga Dogz

Merseyside Dogs Trust, a charity who do fantastic work improving the lives of stray and abandoned canines across the North West, have recently made...
halloween is racist

Ruling Declares Dressing As ‘Scousers’ For Halloween is Racist

Dressing up as Scousers for Halloween is racist - a new directive from the European court of human rights declares. With Native Americans and Mexicans...

The Home & Bargain debate

The Debate: As a trainee Liverpudlian, with all my ‘down south’ heritage (as they call it, being as we southerners all sound the same to...
the british style collectivevideo

British Style Collective is coming

The British Style Collective AKA The Clothes Show is FINALLY coming to Liverpool, we all know what that means. Basically its an excuse to go...
catwalk edition

#CircleOfFab – The Very Big Catwalk edition

You've all seen the Circle Of Fab I've done at ladies day but Liverpool doesn't just look amazing for one day of the year! I was...

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scouse bird second chances and forgiveness

Second Chances and Forgiveness

Deep down, I think everyone’s biggest fear is looking weak. We have this preconception that we always have to have the upper hand, no...