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A funny, no nonsense look at the world of dating, relationships and all things men related, Going through a break up? Need dating advice for the new fella you’re seeing? You’ll 100% find an article here that meets your needs.

scouse bird jamie carragher the fit scouse lad

13 Things You Know When You’re Dating A Scouse Lad

A love letter to our very own boys... the Scouse lad. He owns more shoes than you do You know you’re dating a scouse lad when...

The Gobshite Textbook – what type is yours?

Men like to think they're complicated creatures, each with their own 'quirks' AKA gobshite tendencies. They're not. They all tend to exhibit standard gobshite...
man inside a mans head

Inside A Man’s Head AKA What Men Really Want

Ladies, do you often find yourself wondering what goes on in a man's head? Are they really that stupid? What do they think about?...

Lead us not into temptation

“It’s not you, it’s me” said my ex-friend to his now ex-girlfriend. It wasn’t him. In fact, it wasn’t her either. It was fear. Fear that he...

How to: Tell if you’re dating an arsehole

I think it’s fair to say I have known a fair amount of arseholes in my time. Arseholes aren’t always easy to spot. Far...
one year

The One Year Itch

If you've passed the one year mark with your current man, you might recognise a few of these situations... 1. You can describe your bowel...

How to: Get Over An Ex

Ex's...Over the years, I’ve met them all. When I say all, I mean ALL. Mr Always Skint, Mr I Forgot To Mention I Was Married,...

Some Wise Words On Why You Should Block That Ex

Up until recently, I’d never block an ex on social media. Never. If the choice had been between blocking him, and going skinny dipping in...
bad date

How to: bail on a bad date

We’ve all been on shocking dates. Really, really shocking dates. You know the ones where if the person opposite you was the last human...

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scouse bird signs you're a rebound

7 Signs That You’re Just A Rebound

Right ok, so you’ve met your Mr. Perfect. The lad you’ve told all your mates and family about because you think this one could...