The Xmas Eve Pyjama Tradition


Pyjamas, nighties, jammies, PJs, loungewear – even bed clothes if you grew up in a Charles Dickens novel – whatever you call them, if your mum doesn’t get you a brand new set to open and wear on Christmas Eve you are well within your rights to call the social on her and report her for bad parenting; that’s if you haven’t already because she hasn’t boxed you off an advent calendar. It doesn’t matter if you’re now in your twenties and your nightwear these days is usually a pair of knickers and the stench of the night’s bad decisions – it’s a tradition to get some brand new bedtime rig out for the festive season.

Now with this being a special time of year, this calls for a special type of PJ. Forget the fleecy Primark tat that goes shit after one wash and has you sweating like after a gym class all night, why not make your Xmas PJ’s a little bit special? I got a voucher for Debenhams this year and while you’d never have caught me in a millions year spending £50 on a pair of pyjamas, I ended up getting a Ted Baker set and omg I am converted. I will live and die in them and I swear, just wearing them makes me feel like I’ve got my life together or something (lol, I haven’t).

From adorable matching button up sets, silky saucy numbers to fun matching family ones, there’s something for everyone to slip on before slipping under the covers. So, have a flick through our guide and start dropping the hints to your ma right now for next month. If you’re feeling super pushy, demand a new dressing gown and some slippers too. It is Christmas after all – the season to be jolly and also be a demanding brat!

For the fellas

We can’t leave the men out so let’s get him out the way and sorted. While some fella’s PJ draw consists solely of boxies, Xmas has got to be the exception when we all get dressed up and cosy. This Ted Baker dressing gown (£80) from Mainline Menswear is perfect and it’ll last him all year round (whether he wears boxies or PJ’s underneath). I guarantee you’ll be borrowing it whenever you get the chance… It’s so nice!

For the feet

There is nothing worse than having freezing cold feet. How the hell are you supposed to concentrate on the Louis Theroux Netfiix marathon, or watch It’s A Wonderful Life if your poor little toes are like blocks of ice please? These absolutely drop dead gorgeous glitzy UGG Scufferre II Serein slippers from OD’s Desginer Clothing are just as warm and cosy as their famous boots… and did we mention they’re so so glitzy?? Like a winter’s frost on the back of a sheep…

ugg slippers (1)

The Traditional

It’s Xmas, so it’s the perfect time of year to don tartan and reindeer prints and cuddle up on the couch watching Home Alone (or my personal fave, It’s a Wonderful life). These GAP Pendleton Sleep Pants (£22.95) and Henley stretch top (from £11.95) are sooo warm and cosy without making you sweat – you won’t want to take them off…

The Elegant

I can’t do this list without giving a shoutout to the set that inspired it. This Ted Baker pure peony set from Debenhams is so gorgeous it’ll make you want to cry and will see you right through til summer.

The Cool and Edgy

Onepiece are the Gucci of the onesie world, I don’t even think you could call them a onesie, to do so would be an insult. They’re a thick jersey material, there are plenty of pockets, they fit really well; even tall girls haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance of a camel toe AND they look boss. The hoods zip right up over your face as well so when the weather outside is frightful and your fella won’t let you turn the heating on, Onepiece loungewear comes to the rescue. They start from around £69, they’re unisex and you can even get matching ones for your baby (Pictured: Raspberry Melange £44)  😩  so cute! Nothing says ‘family goals’ quite like all wearing matching PJ’s at Xmas.

I think the Marius Onepiece (£145) is the ultimate Xmassy look (your fella will probably try and rob it though so be warned). Use code SCOUSE15 for 15% off your Onepiece order.

And of course it’s perfect for baby’s winter outings…

The Feminine

Cyber Jammies is a really cool pyjama brand and their floral prints are just amazing. What’s dead cute is that some of their sets come with matching sleep masks for that extra ‘prin’ touch – and the packaging is amazing. These brushed cotton ‘winter flower’ pyjamas (£45) are absolutely gorgeous and feel hella luxurious and cosy.

The Fun

This year Matalan have teamed up with Alder hey Childrens Hospital to create these really cute and fun striped pyjamas for the whole family. Not only are they good looking but 100% of the profits go to Alder Hey – and that’s just gorgeous isn’t it?

We have to mention this Panda dressing gown from (£26)  HOW CUTE IS THAT PLEASE- It’s the perfect combo if your Xmas is all about the fun ❤️ And when you look as adorable as you do with panda ears, you can get away with all sorts of mischief and Santa will still have you on the good list…

Sleep tight, remember Santa’s watching…


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