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You know the drama, you spot someone wearing something on Instagram and you just have to have it. Here’ll you find all the outfits I post with the direct links of where to buy from Summer 2017. Shop my instagram. x

I talk about things I love. I’m registered as an affiliate marketer so that means that sometimes I’ll earn a commission on my recommendations XOXO Steph Bannister

And of course it wouldn't be an outfit without a go in the "Scouse Bird mirror" as people have started calling it 🤣 You might remember the outfits I wore to the races this year, well this amazing dress in this FIT print is once again by the amazing @rrhoadesfashion (and sorry, saw the green wall and couldn't resist a photoshoot 😂) make up by the fabulous @lizzyparrmakeup and mirror from @metro_bedrooms (if you need the perfect bra for any of Rebecca's outfits btw then @magicbodyfashionbv has GOT YOU!)

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  • Dress – Rebecca Rhoades. (You may remember she did my races dresses as well, she’s amazing. She has quite a few dresses with plunging necklines or that are backless so if, like me, you NEED to wear a bra then have a look at Magic Body Fashion – they LITERALLY have a bra for anything. I wore a backless RR top on the National day and the backless bra was perfect.)
  • Shoes – River Island at Very

Multitasking – taking an ootd shot while on the phone to the bank (with my gorgeous @sudiosweden headphones) trying to make an international payment. I LOVE these RI pants so much 😍 get them from

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So made up with my new outfit mirror from @metro_bedrooms – I couldn't believe how massive it was when it showed up, a massive 7ft! 😍😍 (head to toe in @boohoo btw – I didn't even plan that!😆) #allgirls

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I am absolutely head to toe in Boohoo here.

  1. Earrings – Tea Party at the Zoo
  2. Dress – Matthew Williamson at Debenhams
  3. Bag – The Leather Satchel Company
  4. Shoes – River Island at Very

Just had an amazing brunch in @beautybazaarhn (see my story) its like the tardis in there, you could easily spend the entire day in there 😍 plus the toilets are boss for selfies 💅🏽 skull vest from

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  1. Crop Top – River Island
  2. Skirt – River Island
  3. Flower Crown – Retro Couture UK
  4. Bag – Secret Garden
  5. Boots – Just Fab UK
  6. Chunky Rose Gold Hipflask Bracelets – The Sassy Bird

  1. Dress – French Connection at Very
  2. Bag – Secret Garden
  3. Boots – Just Fab UK
  4. Chunky Rose Gold Hipflask Bracelets – The Sassy Bird

Hashtag friendship goals – me and @lizzyparrmakeup failing at being serious for a photo 😆

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  1. Dress – French Connection at Very
  2. Bag – Secret Garden
  3. Boots – Just Fab UK
  4. Chunky Rose Gold Hipflask Bracelets – The Sassy Bird
  5. Hat (Lizzy) – Boohoo
  6. Crop top (Lizzy) – Boohoo
  7. Wrap skirt (Lizzy) – Just Fab UK
  8. Bumbag – Model’s own.

Just been informed there's gonna be a hurricane hitting @vfestival on Sunday so if you're not going – don't feel too bad! (Signal's too ropey to get links to all outfit details so I'll update the shop my insta blog when I'm back next week 😘😘 ) #vfestival

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  1. Flower Crown – RetrocultureUK
  2. Camo jacket – Just Fab UK
  3. T-shirt – Elalulaofficial
  4. Shorts – River Island
  5. Bumbag – Borrowed off a mate.
  6. Boots – Just Fab UK

river island strip suit beetlejuice scouse bird instagram

  1. River Island Striped Jacket
  2. River Island Striped Trousers
  3. River Island Cropped Top
  4. Hat – Calvin Klein
  5. Shoe Boots – Boohoo

Had such an amazing day meeting all the bloggers who are going to be involved in the @curvefashionfes in a matter of weeks. It's so amazing that we can celebrate women of ALL shapes and sizes and have another huge fashion event in our amazing home town.

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  1. Hat – Calvin Klein
  2. Jacket – Depop
  3. Dress –  Matthew Williamson at Debenhams
  4. Shoe Boots – Boohoo

1. Jacket – Boohoo

Ok so since the races I've really struggling getting my head back into gear on the whole slimming world graft and I've even dabbled with weightwatchers (I haven't forgotten that I promised you a blog on that but I'm getting my website servers switched over because they crash ALL THE TIME so there's no point until then… the end is in sight though!) – I haven't fell totally off the wagon, I've just basically maintained for the last few months and if that doesn't prove that SW teaches you sustainable eating habits then I don't know what does. Anyway, on the left is me exactly 1 year ago at Cora's naming day ceremony and the right is me last month in New York. I wish I'd took more before pictures to be honest but I was so unhappy with myself and felt like I'd never be able to do anything about it that I shied away from the camera, but having before and after pictures is a huge does of reality. One thing that really helped me was keeping a food diary, I just had a little crappy one off Amazon that I had to kind of adapt for what I was doing so it looked a mess. So I designed my own! The food diaries are available from and I've made them as fun, as useful and as broad as I possibly can (so they can be used with all sorts of diets, not just SW)

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  1. Peach dress (left) – Mark Melia
  2. Shoes (L) – Vivienne Westwood
  3. Flower shirt (right) – Givenchy
  4. Pink skirt (R) – Very
  5. Trainers (R) – Lacoste

Ever since Scouse Bird began I’ve had to deal with my fair share of nasty comments and messages and I don’t bother defending myself because, what's the point? Anyway, yesterday I got a private message off a girl telling me how my fashion sense was awful, I was an embarrassment to myself and a disgrace to all the Scouse girls I represent and how dare I stand by the Aintree sign. I was wearing a jacket all wrong and it should be worn with high waisted jeans. I rolled my eyes and declined her message as is my policy for shite like that but I was thinking about it later on and now that I’m no longer anonymous it feels 10 x more personal so I’m gonna give you an answer back love. I can’t remember your name sorry so this one’s for you, if you’re reading this. 1. You’re very rude. 2. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one. If you’re not asked for yours, keep it to yourself. 3. There’s more than one way to wear a jacket, if you only wear everything in your wardrobe one way then I feel sorry for you. 4. There are no rules to fashion. Live a little. 5. Not everyone in Liverpool is a clone and shame on you for speaking so disparagingly of your fellow Scousers by saying only one type of look represents them. Someone with rainbow dreadlocks, mismatched tie-dye and a million piercings is still a Scouse girl, a girl who only ever wears jeans and trainers is a Scouse girl, a girl wearing sequins and ruffles and permanent-glam is a Scouse girl etc you get the picture. Everyone from Liverpool wearing anything is a Scouse girl. 6. I represent nobody but myself and therefore my outfits are spot on to my style. I may not always get it right in your eyes but again, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer when it comes to fashion. 7. Either way, I earn part of my income from posting outfits and working in fashion so if it pays the bills and I get to wear fab things, I’m happy. Don’t hate, appreciate. 8. Who died and made you the Sultan of Style? 9. If you can do better, then go ahead, start fashion blogging. you clearly consider yourself to be an SME so it’s only fair you share your wisdom. 10. Stop being such a bitch, you’ll have a happier life. 11. Piss off.

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  1. Hat – Calvin Klein
  2. Friends T-shirt – NBC Shop NYC
  3. Blue Tuxedo pants – Primark
  4. Blush Shoes – Just Fab
  5. Cora wears TU clothing

  1. Hat – Aldo shoes
  2. Sunglasses – The Sassy Bird
  3. Jacket – River Island
  4. Dress – Myleene Klass at Very
  5. Boots – Just Fab

Ay ay, orange you glad I’ve just shown you this outfit? Lolz. Anyway…. when tall bishes like me can’t find a jumpsuit, just create the illusion of one. This is actually a separate top and pants bought from two separate shops (and they describe them as 2 different colours actually). The top is ‘coral’ from Dorothy Perkins at @outfitfashionuk and you can also shop it in my insta story and the pants are red wide leg trousers just come in at River Island (again check my insta story for direct link) to be honest I wouldn’t call either of them red or coral – I’d say Vermillion, but that’s if we’re being pedantic. Either way, it’s loud, it’s summery and it makes you feel super smart and polished – perfect if you’re sick to death of wearing black to the office and both items can be teamed with something a bit more neutral. . . . #ScouseBirdBlogs #ScouseBirdProbs #liverpoolblogger #scouseblogger #discoverunder100k #ukbloggers #ukblogger #blogginggals #livbloggers #thegirlgang #30plusblogs #fashionist #styleicon #styleinfluencer #outfitgoals #fashiongirls #fashionguru #stylebloggers #ootdfashion #ootdfash #whatimwearingtoday #fash #fashiontrend #ukfashion #stylediary #ss17collection #lookbookmelove #fashionshop #fashionwoman #fashionstudy

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  1. Top – Dorothy Perkins
  2. Belt – French Connection
  3. Wide leg trousers – River Island

One thing I really struggle with is that I either dress like a severe hangover victim or I dress like I’m going to a ball – there is no in between. I’m trying to master the art of smart casual – one thing that’s massive upped my game is pairing a River Island cotton blouse instead of a t-shirt when I wear jeans (and either trainers or a heel depending on which end of the smart casual spectrum I’m going for) and even on the casual days it makes you feel a bit more presentable. Confidence in an outfit can create confidence for real and that just makes you feel better all round really – check out my story for a link . . . #ScouseBirdBlogs #ScouseBirdProbs #liverpoolblogger #scouseblogger #discoverunder100k #ukbloggers #ukblogger #blogginggals #livbloggers #thegirlgang #30plusblogs #fashionist #styleicon #styleinfluencer #outfitgoals #fashiongirls #fashionguru #stylebloggers #ootdfashion #ootdfash #whatimwearingtoday #fash #fashiontrend #ukfashion #stylediary #ss17collection #lookbookmelove #fashionshop #fashionwoman #fashionstudy

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  1. Earrings – Tea party at the zoo
  2. Blouse – River Island
  3. Jeans (which I have in every colour because they’re boss) – Very

Can't believe this weekend is over, don't know what to do with myself now 😂 if the sun could show its face again that would be boss thanks ta nice one. Is anyone going to V Fest? Got some festival blogs coming soon… Dress from @riverisland at @veryuk . . . #ScouseBirdBlogs #ScouseBirdProbs #liverpoolblogger #scouseblogger #discoverunder100k #bbloggers #ukbloggers #blogginggals #livbloggers #thegirlgang #fashionvlogger #fashionista #ukfashionblog #ukfashionblogger #ootd #whatiwore #bagporn #outfitonfleek #ensemble #newoutfit #fashionhaul #newedit #paydaytreat #shoppingspree #highstreet #designer #custommade

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  1. Hat – Calvin Klein
  2. Sunglasses – The Sassy Bird
  3. Dress – River Island at Very
  4. Bag – Gucci
  5. Sandals – Melissa


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