23 Things You Can Relate To If You’re A Young Mum

young mum

Being a young mum is a challenge; not only are we doing our absolute best to raise our little ones but we’re also trying to retain our youth, look fabulous and not lose our pre-birth identities. All this while being judged.


23 Things You Can Relate To If You’re A Young Mum

1. Finding a dummy in your clutch bag or pocket when on a night out.

2. Tackling a dirty nappy when you’ve just had your acrylics done.

3. Looking high and low for your extensions only to find the baby sitting with them on top of their head.

4. Pushing the pram with your rollers in thinking ‘it’s sound, I bet Coleen Rooney does it’.

5. Your Instagram is full of selfies of you and the baby.

6. When the baby thinks it’s hilarious to pull out your pin curls out when you’ve made sure they’re as tight as possible.

7. Trying to put your make-up on but you’ve discovered the baby has chewed your Mother Pukka and covered themselves in your Benefit Hoola.

8. Going out for lunch with the girls includes them trying to help you tackle the baby in to staying put and eating his lunch.

9. Putting on your white blazer and finding Spaghetti Bolognese on the back of it.

10. Trying to find the most stylish clothes for your baby, then finding out they really don’t care and use them to wipe the ketchup off their hands.

11. When the baby tries to grab your roasting hot curling wand thinking it’s their new toy.

12. Taking selfies of your new dress to show your mates and finding the baby photobombing the lot of them.

13. There’s no longer a need to go the gym as all your do is run after the baby.

14. Finding the best combination of fun and exercise by using your baby as a dumbbell whilst doing your squats but it’s also loads of fun for them.

15. The agony of the baby pulling out your hoops.

16. Bumping in to people you know on a night out and the first thing they ask is ‘where’s the baby?’ and looking behind you to see if you’ve brought them along.

17. Finding your new ring down the toilet.

18. Having to tell your mate that the eyeshadows from her forty quid pallet that she left at your house is now living in your baby’s finger nails.

19. Finding little plastic toys in the front of your heels.

20. Having white patches on your arms from where the baby has used you as a teething ring and took off parts of your fake tan.

21. No longer needing to carry a handbag because you have a gorgeous new changing bag.

22. Finding that prams are a great way to carry your River Island bags round town.

23. Loving it every time Kim Kardashian gets pregnant again knowing that she’s going to balloon up again exactly like you did.