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Anger is a powerful, intense emotion – but sometimes the reasons for your anger can mix into a compound. A new and even more powerful form of angry.

Angry – Your common or garden emotion.

Bangry – Checking your bank balance generally causes this particular type of anger.

Brangry – When your bra is digging into you.

Blangry – Anger brought on by someone chatting wham/shit or ‘blagging’ if you will.

Cangry – When there’s no one to help you open your diet coke with your acrylics

Crangry – When your inner crank is just fuming for no reason. Just cos.

Clangry – When plans you forgot you made clash with the plans you’ve made to lie in bed and eat crisps.

Due-ongry – Anger caused by being due on.

Fangry – When you’re angry because you’re fat

Gangry – When your squad makes plans without you.

Hangry – Anger caused by hunger

Jangry – It’s January and you’re fat, skint and freezing.

JoeAngry – When you’re angry about the roadworks in Liverpool

Kangry – When you remember that kitten heels exist. See 18 Reasons Why Kitten Heels Make Us Angry.

Lashing out – Anger that your lashes will not behave and stick the fuck down.

Mangry – When your fella is doing your head in

Nangry – Anger caused by your nan telling you you’ve put weight on.

Pangry – When your pants are too tight to fasten.

Shangry – Anger because you just need a good shag.

Sirangry – When Siri is being racist and can’t understand your Scouse accent.

Tangry – When you know you need to do your tan but you absolutely point blank cannot be arsed.

Tangry (2) – Tired angry. Anger caused by really needing a nap.

Thangry – When you’re so thirsty you’re fuming.

Wangry – When you need a wee so bad you’re absolutely furious.

Y’angry? – Politely enquiring as to whether someone is angry.

Which one are you today? And may I suggest something to de-stress while you’re here and fuming.


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