Bootle Woman breaks World Record for longest sustained ‘eeee’ | Scouse Bird Problems

A woman from Bootle has made history by registering the world’s longest sustained ‘eeee’ earlier this week.

Gemma, 31, from Marsh Lane, Bootle, began going ‘eeee’ after having seen her “gobshite ex” in town, who asked her back to his for “Netflix and chill”.

The ‘eeee’ only concluded three and a half weeks later.

Guinness representatives have convened in Bootle to confirm the Record breaking ‘eeee’

Gemma said of her ordeal, “It wasn’t easy. Sleeping and eeeeing was dead hard. On top of that I had seagulls coming after me all down Bold Street which did me head in”.

“I’ve never had anything like that before. I did say ‘oooo’ when I saw some fit Kurt Geigers once, but that only lasted about 5 minutes”.


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