Dead people say “psychic mediums are real”, claim mediums.


A Merseyside psychic medium has recently made a bold claim which she says has put paid to the debate over the veracity of the psychic medium trade.

Barbara, 48, from Knotty Ash, has told reporters that dead people have approached her to say that psychics are totally real.

‘Elvis Presley said “Why would I say psychics are real if they’re not? Thank you very much”’, claimed Barbara during a séance.

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, remarked ‘Crikey, we’re sitting off with all your loved ones up here, so be sure to pay psychics, who are seriously real, lots of money to speak to them. G’day!’, advised the medium.

Who better to prove mediums are real than dead people communicating through mediums?

Barbara has indicated that the only dead mediums she can channel directly have very impersonatable voices.

Other Liverpool-based Psychics are believed to back this claim up – Derek Acorah frequently tells the public he is reassured of his own powers by his spirit companion Sam.

Supposedly when Acorah and Sam got in an argument in 2007, Sam claimed that Derek was in fact making the whole thing up and that psychic powers are nonsense, but since they have made up Sam has rescinded that assertion, said Acorah.