Doctors and Scientists baffled by Liverpool woman who Can’t Cope clearly coping.

liverpool woman

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Lianne, 27, A Liverpool woman from Broad Green tweeted, ‘omg” the walking dead! can’t cope cross-eyes emoji’.

On seeing this tweet, paramedics were naturally immediately rushed to the woman’s home. However, at first glance, Lianne appeared to be coping perfectly well.

“All her tests came back normal… How is this possible?”

After having been taken back to the Royal and being subjected to numerous tests, Doctors have still been unable to establish the cause of Lianne’s inability to cope.

“Outwardly, she seems to be coping. But inside, she apparently can’t cope. It’s a medical mystery.”  Claimed her Doctor.

Scientists studying the case have said that if someone can’t cope, it’s basically a death sentence. “She’s very lucky to be alive” advised one.

Even more astonishingly is this isn’t the first time Lianne hasn’t been able to cope. In 2012, her Facebook status was ‘my friend Becky asking that bouncer for his number lol can’t cope crying laughing emoji crying laughing emoji crying laughing emoji!!!’

Doctors have advised Merseyside residents to remain vigilant, and if they feel like they are starting to not be able to cope, to have a nice lie down and a cup of tea until the feeling passes.


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