Scouse Bird Problems – Dogs Trust to begin taking in Nogga Dogz

Posted On: 05/11/2015

By: Carl Connor

Merseyside Dogs Trust, a charity who do fantastic work improving the lives of stray and abandoned canines across the North West, have recently made the decision to look after Nogga Dogz as well.

Nogga Dogz, made notorious for being bad blurts by Ross Kemp on gangs, are a gang from Norris Green engaged in “warfare” with the equally ridiculous Crocky Crew.

Dogs Trust say they can really make a difference in Nogga Dogz lives.

A spokesperson for Dogs Trust in Whiston has said that Nogga Dogz require just as much help as regular dogs, and are likely almost as intelligent as your average household pet.

“We’ve seen some sad cases in our time, but the Nogga Dogz are the saddest of all”, claim Dogs Trust.

The charity are committed to providing the youths with fresh air, exercise, rabies vaccinations, and if they’re well behaved, some dog biscuits and a scratch on the tummy. 

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