Manchester Albert Hall: Jack Savoretti


Back in 2007 when Sean Kingston was singing about ‘Beautiful Girls’ and Soulja Boy was asking us to ‘Crank Dat’, a guy named Jack Savoretti snuck on to the music scene underneath people’s radars with a fantastic debut album, ‘In Between the Minds’. I remember my friend texting me, urging me to get onto YouTube asap to “Listen to this!”

Each song had its own unique haunting melody that spoke of pain, despair and sadness that felt way beyond Savoretti’s young years. It got some radio airplay, but nowhere near as much as it deserved and I thought he was destined to be a one album wonder that too few appreciated. I’m so glad I was wrong.


Now on his 5th studio album, Sleep No More, and a sell-out world tour, we got the chance to see him at a completely packed Albert Hall in Manchester and he didn’t disappoint. Playing a selection of songs from all his albums instead of putting all the focus on just his latest release was a big plus for long-time fans like myself.

There was no elaborate stage show, or theatrical production, it was just Jack and his band on stage, and with a voice like his, no gimmicks are needed. It’s always baffled me that he can do so many consecutive live shows on the bounce with such a gravelly voice and he never loses it. Jack’s real forte is the actual song writing. Tune after tune, you find yourself turning to whomever may be next to you and praising clever lyrics.

His latest single, ‘When We Were Lovers’ is set to be a smash hit. Bursting with energy and a killer chorus, it’s a proper ‘drive along with the windows down screaming at the top of your voice, even in the freezing cold of winter’ kind of tune. Amazing!


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