Five Boss Alternative Xmas Decorations You’ll Love


Why does Xmas HAVE to be all red tinsel and holly wreaths? Here’s our mini list of the fabbest ‘alternative’ Xmas decorations out there – they’re anything BUT traditional…

Pyropet Candle

Dyri is Icelandic for reindeer, and yes reindeers might well be pretty traditional when it comes to Xmas but this candle is anything but. As this icy looking wax burns down, it reveals the golden skeleton of the reindeer – creepy but kind of cool. Then it’s yours to keep for many Xmas’s to come. Each candle has a burn time of around 22 hours.


Dyri Reindeer candle – £25 Pyropet

Lickable Wrapping Paper

No this isn’t edible wrapping paper a la Willy Wonka – sorry – but in my opinion, it’s even better. we all know what a ball ache wrapping presents is, especially when you can’t find the end of the sellotape. well with this you don’t even need sellotape, just lick and stick. Genius.


Lickable wrapping paper – From £3.99 Instawrap

Crown Tree Topper

Trees all over the country will be getting the royal treatment this year. It’s bye bye boring angels and stars, it’s time to welcome in the age of the crown.


Crown Tree Topper – £8.99 Very

Keepsake Bauble

Bit late if you haven’t thought ahead but rather than have a pristine, perfectly colour co-ordinated tree, why not make it all about your family’s memories? Get a Xmas bauble from everywhere you visit and your tree will mean so much more…

Disney Baubles

Young or old, everyone loves a Disney Princess and these baubles are dead cute 😍 LOVE THEM

disney xmas baubles

Disney Princess baubles – £10.79 for pack of 3 at Very