Hair in Extensions now legally required to state if it comes from Wools


Following a spate of Allergic reactions, Hair extensions in Liverpool are now legally required to inform consumers if the hair used to make them comes from Wools AKA Woolybacks.

Owing to a number of Allergic Reactions in Scousers, Hair Extensions must state if they’re sourced from Woolyback hair.

While actual, woollen hair has no effect on Liverpudlians, Woolyback hair, from citizens who don’t have an L-postcode, can supposedly cause irritation.

With Hair extensions being a staple accessory on Merseyside, the demand for clarity from the public was noticeable:

“Not being funny, but when you buy your MAC it says if it’s been tested on animals – With Hair extensions we need to know if they’ve been tested on Scousers”, suggests Molly from Everton.

“If my Pom Bears say ‘May contain nuts’ on them, my extensions should say ‘May contain Wool’.


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