Halloween: 5 Last Minute (Sexy) Scouse Costume Ideas


We know the panic – it’s the morning of the 31st and you still haven’t got a costume sorted out for going round town tonight!

Well never fear, here are some cheap, last-minute, and Scouse costume ideas that require minimum preparation!

1: (sexy) Purple Wheelie Bin

Really easy, just use and industrial saw to cut two leg holes out of the bottom of your wheelie bin. If your wheelie bin isn’t purple, you can say you’re going as a wool. (To make this sexy, just bang some suspenders on or something).

2: (sexy) Pan of Scouse

Here, you can either affix some spuds, braising steak and carrots to your clothes with safety pins, or for the more adventurous, just attach to your body with glue. (To make this sexy, just bang some suspenders on or something).

3: (sexy) Radio City Tower

You’ll need: White Paint; Marker Pens; a Jacobean ruff.

People will be doing double-takes in town when they see you as the St. Johns Beacon – People might even use you as a way to get their bearings when they’re pissed. (To make this sexy, just bang some suspenders etc. etc.).

4: Living Statue, Alien, Predator, Bob the Builder, etc.

The preparation for this is really simple: Just wait on Church St during the day near one of the street performers, and when one stops to take a break, twat fuck out of them and nick their cozzy! No-one will know it was you, because you’ll be in costume!

5: Steven Gerrard

To be Steven Gerrard, just don’t turn up to the night out, and say it’s because you’ve moved to America. (NB. This one may require some explaining)

There you have it! Simple, Scouse costume ideas on a budget!