5 Reasons Why Having Big Boobs Is Boss


Boobs. Chesticlé’s. Globes. Melons. Bangers. Tits. Whatever you want to call them and whatever the size; they’re boss – there can be the odd challenge associated with big boobs (gaping shirts anyone?) so here’s a little celebration of what’s great about the amble bosom.

5 Reasons why having big boobs is boss

Filling out clothes

Some clothes just look better with curves. Plus bandeau dresses – they stay up all on their own…

Weight excuse

Put on a few pounds on weigh in day? Oh you’re like 20% pure boobs anyway and we know that doesn’t count. Plus those hair extensions and the fact you haven’t shaved your legs for a week has to count for something right…

Distraction technique

It’s a well proven fact that men are powerless to resist when it comes to those delicious globes on our chest. Are you losing an argument with your fella? Flash him your good boob and stun him in his tracks. Big queue at the bar? Lean over and flash a bit of cleavage – works every time. You might as well work what DNA (or the surgeons knife) gifted you with.

No More Ugly Bras

There’s a notion that big bangers means horrendous bras; this may have been true once upon a time but not anymore. Gone are the days of anything above a D cup being all nude and 6 clasps wide on the back strap – now we get just as sexy bras as anyone else, with or without the padding. Check out Curvy Kate for some absolutely drop dead gorgeous bras from D to K cups – find of the year 😍


Despite all the responsibilities that come with a decent set of chest twins, we wouldn’t swap them for the world. They’re ours, they make us feel womanly and whether or not we like to admit it, yes we have hours of fun playing with them; whether it’s jiggling them about, shimmying, trying on sexy underwear or just making nipple mountains when it’s cold (or Mount Nipplemanjaro as I like to call mine) – boobs are boss and no matter what the size, they’re sexy as fuck.

For more of the fabulous underwear at Curvy Kate, visit their website here.



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