Stop the self loathing Insta-binges


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of complaining about Instagram and how god damn f***ing perfect everyone is, apart from me.

Sound familiar? We’ve all scrolled through Instagram amd clicked on a #fitfam hashtag (just out of morbid curiosity. And by morbid, I mean morbidly obese) and suddenly found yourself, rather ironically, unhealthily fixated on the tanned and toned. You’re left feeling catastrophically inadequate and end up going off to cry-eat half the house; even the peanut butter that’s been sat there 6 months. Shame eating just got real. I’m talking Bridget Jones scraping mould off cheese or Miranda from Sex and The City eating cake out the bin real.

There’s so many selfies of people the world over who’s arse looks like a professionally photographed, freshly waxed peach, whereas mine looks more like a dodgy orange that wouldn’t even make the cut into the “whoops” pile in the Asda. Sly.

But why do we torture ourselves this way? Or more to the point, WHY do we allow ourselves to think that these people are better than us and we’re just worthless fat mings?

We’re all born into this world more or less in the same condition and we all die eventually. Nobody was an immortal brought into this world on the back of a cloud by a rainbow shitting, glitter pissing, magical flying unicorn (apart from possibly the Victoria Secrets models. It’s not possible for a human to look that good in angel wings). My point is that we’re all human. No matter how fit you think someone is, they’re not “better” than you because of it so PLEASE stop beating yourself up.

I’ve taken/eaten/injected/smoked/drank everything in creation (dead sorry mum!) in a bid to be skinny. Guess what? Sod all worked. Surprised? No I wasn’t either so none of it was worth it. All that money, time, pain and starving for what?

Plus size beauty blogger ‘nikkietutorials’ video “The power of makeup” is going absolutely bat shit crazy viral at the moment. She’s so on the money; it doesn’t matter if you’re an eco nature soul or wear so much makeup it’d make RuPaul blush – who gives a rats arse as long as you’re happy with you?

Stop the Instagram self loathing binge cycle and PLEASE make peace with yourself. There’s only one of you and that is the most unique and special thing in this world. You’re so much more valuable than the most precious jewel because there is, and only ever will be, one of you so remember than next time you’re wishing you could be someone else.

They’re not better they’re just different. We are all unique so treasure it and make it count.



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