Scouse Bird Problems – Introduction of Facebook dislike button worries Gobshites

Posted On: 17/09/2015

By: Carl Connor

In recent days there’s been a wave of disquiet on Merseyside following Facebook announcing its plans to introduce a dislike button.

Most numerous of the worried demographics are Gobshites, particularly Gobshite ex’s, who foresee themselves likely to get blown up for all their gobshite activities with heavy disliking.

Scouse birds, on the other hand, are alleged to welcome the move.


It means that if a Gobshite ex of theirs checks in at Modo, or posts a picture of their dinner, or gets into a new relationship, the dislikes they so richly derserve can be administered.

Claire, from Anfield, feels “A dislike button is definitely a step in the right direction, but with some of the Gobshites I know, what we really need is an ‘Eat shit and fuck off and die’ button”.

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