Liverpool woman with single Waitrose bag loving 5p charge


Since the 5 pence bag charge has been introduced, there has been widespread chaos in the UK.

However, one Liverpool woman has relished the charge’s introduction, as it has given her an excuse to take her Waitrose bag out, making her look ‘pyaa posh’.

A Liverpool woman is enjoying having to take her Waitrose bag out to the shops


Eileen, 39, picked up the bag on a chance trip to Formby, and now will go shopping for her bits at Home and Bargains, and place the goods in her Waitrose bag.

Eileen explained, “Everyone assumes it’s some organic line-caught sea bass or a bottle of Riesling I’ve bought – People don’t know I’ve only got some 30p koka noodles in there”.

When she has to do her big shop at The Asda, rather than risk revealing any of her other carrier bags being seen, Eileen reports that she’ll just make multiple one-bag trips.

Eileen is reportedly so pleased with what people think when seeing her with a Waitrose bag, she’s recently binned her Louis Vuitton purse and just carries her stuff around in the Waitrose plazzy bag.


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