New Ruling Declares Dressing As ‘Scousers’ For Halloween As Racist



With Native Americans and Mexicans now “non-PC”, is it still right to dress up as Scousers for Hallowe’en?

Much has been made of the practice of dressing up offensively in the past few years.

MPs have tried to ban the practice of Pimps and Hos themed fancy dress for trivialising the sex industry.1

You could also argue that dressing up as a pirate should be banned because it glamorises terrorising the seven seas.

However, with the advent of the “We’re a culture, not a costume” campaignsuggesting that dressing up as ethnic groups is wrong, the debate has reached Merseyside, and whether it’s okay to dress up as a Scouser for Hallowe’en.

On the plus side, it is argued, if you dress as a Scouser for Hallowe’en, it’s a guaranteed shag.

However, critics maintain that if someone looking like a young Liverpudlian knocks on your door and asks for free sweets or they’ll egg your house, they might not necessarily be in fancy dress, and it could happen any night of the year.





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