The Mulled Wine Hotlist

mulled wine

Xmas time, mistletoe and wine… but let’s make sure it’s mulled. It’s the colour that’s meme’d to death every winter (THIS, this colour is everything 😍😍) and why not? It looks amazing on everything from lips to nails to shoes, and it’s the winter drink of choice. So let’s raise a glass to everything mulled wine…

The Mulled Wine Hotlist

Camera Bag

With technology improving literally every day, it means more people have access to great products like DSLR cameras, meaning a lot more non-professional photographers. So, what do all these people use to carry their gear? Nowadays you don’t have to substitute style for practicality, and Case Logic have proven that perfectly with this cross body camera bag. It’s like the wardrobe into Narnia, it doesn’t have the usual heavy looking width of your average camera bag, very sleek and slim actually, but still amazingly has all the room inside for everything you need inc. batteries, spare lenses oh and, yeah, your camera of course. Our favourite part is that it opens like an old fashioned doctors bag with a stiff lip (how very British) for added protection. It’s even got a fully padded iPad pocket in case you don’t have the luxury of time in between shoots and getting your pics online. Plus it comes in our colour of the month, mulled wine, and it looks the shit.


Technically this Mulberry candle from Heart & Home is summer a fragrance, but it’s colour schemes we’re talking about here and this colour says mulled wine. Their scented candles really do fill every nook and cranny of your home and the lidded jars mean that when you blow it out, the scent isn’t tainted by smoke. Their Xmas scents are amazing too… 😍

Fitness Bracelet

2016 seemed to be the year that absolutely everyone got on the fitness bracelet hype. Even your dad, who counts walking from the couch to the fridge as his daily activity, has got something round his wrist monitoring his sleep and exercise. Luckily, brands have got onto the fact that wearable technology is key – who wants to wear something that looks ugly af? I don’t care what it can do – if it looks ugly on my arm I may as well be wearing smelly crusty old festival bands. Thank God for the iFit.Vue which has successfully managed to combine top of the range technology in the form of something that looks cute too. It’s wireless, touchscreen, syncs to your mobile (with caller ID and text), has auto activity detection and calorie logging but best of all? It’s a to die for mulled wine colour and looks good enough to hang next to your actual bracelets and bangles. Win win.


Now if we’re talking something really special, how about a one of a kind work of art? Artfinder is an amazing website supporting independent artists. Now matter how specific your tastes are, I guarantee you’ll find the perfect piece to finish off any room and they’re all one offs – you could lose hours on there. But we’re here for the mulled wine colours right? We found this piece called ‘You set my heart on fire’ by brand new artist Nicollette Griffiths; the mixed media and gold leaf kiss gives a funky wow factor to whatever wall you hang it on. Nicolette – j’adore!


Festive drinks are a bit hit and miss, aren’t they? Baileys is obviously a winner but some (looking at you Egg Nog) make it very clear after a few sips just why, like the creep from accounts, we only neck them but once a year. Why waste time, money and calories slurping on mediocre mulled wine just because it’s Christmas. The festive season should be the time to enjoy booze even more than ever.  Opt for Boodles Mulberry Gin instead this December. We all love mother’s ruin but this twist with notes of raspberries and currants will have you understanding just why gin bars are popping up across town left right and centre. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, you can even add some champagne to it if you want to go out, but best of all, it’s a gorgeous mulled wine colour that will ensure it gives your kitchen drinks shelf a festive feel this December.


If you’re anything like me, as soon as it comes even close to autumn it’s like you’ve drowned your wardrobe in mulled wine. You’ve got the smoky eye, the bold lips, the jumpers, the coats, so obviously you absolutely NEED this pair of mulled wine suede stiletto ankle boots from to match everything else. The faux fur cuff around the top just screams winter – they are quite literally Just Fab. These are the type of shoes you never want to take off because you feel so fierce strutting your stuff amongst the autumn leaves. Perfect for standing out this season.

Retro Microphone

Calling all budding musicians and singers (and bloggers and vloggers and podcasters and those who just love the sound of their own voice), I’ve found the ‘must have’ tool to get you making your own professional level recordings. With technology improving all the time and the software to record and produce our own music being readily available, there’s been an explosion in desktop microphones. Blue Microphones have a boss reputation and now with the Raspberry, they’ve made us go all heart eyes emoji too 😍. At about £180, the Raspberry is a bit more expensive than the average mic, but you’re paying for portability and overall better quality. It’s plug-and-play, with USB and Lightning compatibility for the iOS faithful. This means, plug it into your laptop and you’re basically ready to go. Simon Cowell might not give bonus points for stylish equipment, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

The Lips

Winter would be winter without a slick of some deep berry shade across your lips. This long lasting lipstick from Ilamasqua in colour ‘Shard’ fits the bill perfectly and will be you new handbag best mate until spring rears it beautiful warm, sunny head.

The Scarf

It’s technically a collar, but it’s the fabbets way to wrap up warm right now. This lambswool mongolian fur collar from Style Skin will set off any outfit and give it the extra high fashion edge – whether you’re wearing it over your party dress or with your cosiest winter coat. Love!

The Mulled Wine

Now that it’s officially December, it’s perfectly ok to drink alcohol anytime, anywhere, as long as it’s mulled. Take the ‘pain in the arse’-ness out of whipping up a pan of mulled wine with a pre-made one. This Belvoir punch is technically non-alcoholic (so the pregnants and the designated drivers can still partake) or you can just throw in a bit of brandy or red wine and you have yourself the traditional drink in minutes… boss.

Happy Xmas month 😘