The Rose Gold Hotlist

rose gold

Rose Gold is so hot right now – and with good reason, LOOK AT IT! It’s amazing! I would quite happily live in a rose gold house, with rose gold furniture and drive a rose gold car while my rose gold hair blows in the breeze. That’s why it’s my colour of the month for October 2016. Here’s the Rose Gold hotlist for some amazing things you can get in this most beautiful of hues…

Rose Gold hotlist – top 10

Coconut oil is the new miracle substance. Dry skin? Put coconut oil on it! Need to lose weight? Coconut oil! Fella being a right bastard? Cover him in coconut oil! This new coco-licious shampoo and conditioner from Phil Smith is a triple threat; 1. It’s full of coconut oil so obviously it leaves your hair amazingly shiny (it really does!), 2. It smells like coconut obv so it’s the perfect holiday companion. We all know it’s the law that you have to have coconut scented shampoo on holiday. And 3. The packaging is ROSE FRIGGIN GOLD. Oh yeh. Get a bottle from Sainsburys. ✌🏼

Australian make up brand Nude by Nature (available from ASOS) not only have a really strong shimmer game (the sheer light pressed illuminator and the brush are seriously A* rated) but all their packaging is rose gold and the actual products don’t have any bad crap in them. No way José to parabens and all that jazz.

If you’re a stationery geek like me then you’ll appreciate the excitement of a new pen – this 14k rose gold pen from Cross is like the new pen to end all pens; it writes like an absolute dream and it’s made of actual rose gold. Obviously that means it’s a bit pricier than your average pen but this isn’t some crappy bic you’ll chew the top off and lose down the couch – this is one to be treasured forever and the perfect gift for a really special occasion like graduation or a promotion… or just cos you really love rose gold and godammit you’re worth it.

If you’re going on holiday or somewhere even remotely cool and you don’t have an action camera then what are you even doing with your life? The YI 4k action camera is actually amazing – read how we roadtested it here. We managed to capture some amazing things like a time lapse sunrise and our daughter’s very first swimming trip – something we’ll treasure forever. The accessories like the waterproof casing and selfie stick are really easy to use and not only is it better priced than other action cameras, it also comes in rose gold. That alone is enough to get my vote.


I’ve never really been known for an interest in fitness… I’m more interested in pizza really. The Misfit Ray (best name for a fitness bracelet ever) comes in rose gold though so of course my interest is suddenly piqued – it’s been designed by Fossil as well so it looks more like a snazzy bracelet (I can legally use the word snazzy or trendy to describe something now that I’m a mum). But it’s so much more than a fitness bracelet – the fact that it tells me how many calories I’ve burnt and steps I’ve taken in a day is boss (and yes it has encouraged me to do more to hit my daily targets) but also it tracks my sleep (so I can prove to my husband that the baby really does keep me awake all night ACTUALLY) and it’s waterproof so you can go swimming and leave it on in the bath/shower. An added bonus is that you can colour code alerts to let you know when your phone’s going off e.g. blue for phone calls, pink for whatsapp etc so even if you’ve left your phone on charge in another room you’ll still know when your group chat is lit or the lad you met on Saturday night has finally text. Is right.



Surely there can’t be that much difference between £15 and £300 headphones? Well, I was assured that there is and when I had a chance to have a go of a pair of Beats by Dre for the first time, I got it, there is a difference and it’s phenomenal, but why anyone would go out nowadays and drop half of their monthly wage on a pair of headphones, is beyond me, even taking into account the superior quality. Well, this has all been remedied by a Scandinavian brand called Urbanista. They basically make superb quality headphones with outstanding quality in sound and at a fraction of the price. These Urbanista Seattle are comfy, look cool as fuck, and like I said, offer crisp clear sound, for only £49, or if you cba with the sleek nylon wire, get them in wireless for £89. For me it’s a no brainer to be honest. The wired version even has an extra headphone jack so you can share whatever you’re listening to with a mate.


Keep your selfie game 🔥🔥🔥 with a Sassy SELFIE light up phone case in rose gold – the likes of which are used by celebs all over the world; most notably the Kardashians. LED lighting on both sides of the case give you a soft and beautiful light for every occasion, there’s a long lasting rechargable battery that works independently of your phone (cos lord knows, the iPhone batteries are shite), it’s made from tough, impact resistant plastic to help protect your phone and there’s a dimmer switch function. Basically every selfie you take from now on will be dripping with sass (and they’re less than half the price of the leading competitor).

Can’t talk rose gold without talking rose gold jewellery can we? This simple, pretty infinity bracelet from Merci Maman at really is one to suit every taste. It can be personalised with up to 20 characters so while you can go with something timeless like “Forever & always” it’s also the perfect keepsake gift for a significant milestone, anniversary or birthday. We chose to have it engraved and keep it until our daughter is older – it’s just so sweet.


While we’re talking rose gold, we might as well talk about rosé wine and what better way to keep it chilled than this rose gold wine bucket; only £3.49 from Home & Bargains. Well in Home & Bargains lad 👌


Now you’d think toothbrushes would be boring wouldn’t you? Well you’re wrong. Philips have brought out their new Sonicare Diamond Clean brush in an icy white BUT it has a gorgeous rose gold trim and comes with a rose gold case (which also charges the brush by the way – it doesn’t have a traditional charging dock) and a matching glass & stand. There’s seven modes (pictured above) and I’m not going to lie, the polish setting mkes you feel like the dental hygienist is right up inside your mouth doing their thing. Have you ever used a manual toothbrush after using an electric one, then gone back to the electric one and can’t believe the difference in how clean you teeth are? Well this Sonicare does that but it makes all other electric toothbrushes look like a manual. I’ve never known a clean feeling like it, except after a dental scale and polish. Plus, it looks really pretty in the bathroom…

And of course if money is no object you can do what Tyga did and get a custom rose gold paint job on your Mercedes… or Ford Fiesta. It’s all good.

Now you’re all RG’d out – look out for next month’s colour of the month; electric blue 😍