Royal Court Theatre: Let It Be


The West End hit show ‘Let It Be’ has finally arrived at its spiritual home; Liverpool. Over 800,000 people have seen it and loved it so far and it makes me intensely proud as a Scouser to see that the love of Beatles music is still so fervent after all this time.

Let’s make one thing clear, Let It Be is not a play and if you’re not a fan of The Beatles then you won’t like it. It’s a celebration of all their greatest hits and their journey from The Cavern Club all the way through to their drug fuelled madness phase. It’s kind of like going to see a really good Beatles tribute act.

If you’re not a fan, or even a just a ‘kind of’ fan, then you might find several hours of non-stop Beatles music a little difficult to sit through. But if you’re a huge fan and know all the words to all the songs then you’ll have a ball standing up and singing through all the well known numbers.

As I mentioned, it’s not really a play with any discernable story, so instead costume & scene changes are covered by footage from live Beatles concerts and videos from the time period, projected onto TV’s above the stage. There were a round of 60’s TV adverts that got a huge laugh from the audience including one for a James Bond 007 fragrance which had “The licence to kill…. women” apparently! I hope not literally.

The cast are on a rotation so you’re not guaranteed to see the same people every time – some of them genuinely look scarily like the Beatles members… some not so much – either way they all sound great and inject a little of The Beatles’ personalities into believable performances.

A must see for any Beatles fan worth their salt.

Let It Be runs until 14th November at The Royal Court and tickets are available here, including dinner options.


Sassy Bird