Royal Court Theatre: Saves Our Souls

scouse bird royal court saves our souls

Forever champions of local talent, Royal Court present its latest home-grown play, the cheekily titled ‘Father O’Flaherty Saves Our Souls’ – pun very much intended.

It centres around a priest who, despite being a kind, good man, has strayed from the teachings of the church somewhat. Moves are underway to sack him by the powers that be, but he won’t leave without a fight. Can his last mass turn events in his favour? The play is truly ‘devoted’ to making you laugh.

Alan Stocks freely admits the idea for his character owes a lot to the television series Father Ted. Having said that, his play felt original, although some parallels can be drawn. If you’re a fan of some good old Catholic based humour then this might well be the play for you. Alan Stocks has great comic timing and was able to ad-lib when necessary and Clare Bowles was very convincing as the cantankerous housekeeper. Helen Carter was a boss singer and Keddey Suttons amusing impersonations had everyone in stitches.

There was the odd point where it felt a little disjointed but this didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the play at all. Credit to the author on his first play; overall a boss night’s entertainment and a ‘divine’ first effort. Badum bum.

Coupled with a fit scran (as always) from the Royal Court kitchens and a lively atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with RCL for a night out.

Saves our souls runs at the Royal Court until 12th November and you can grab your tickets online or from the box office.


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