Weight Loss & Slimming World: How I lost 2 Stone in 4 Months


I’ve been on diets for as long as I can remember but in 2017 after sitting uncomfortably with a load of extra baby weight I decided enough was enough and I joined slimming world for realsies. Two stone later and I feel amazing and I’ve got way more confidence than before. I wanted and still want to lose four stone but even just having lost 2 stone makes a whole world of difference.

Along the way I’ve created loads of blog content about the things that i’ve learnt including 8 items that make doing slimming world 10 times easier AND the hilarious 50 things you only know if you’ve been to slimming world. Who knows, maybe next year it’ll be you telling you story of how you finally lost 2 stone?

Here’s the link to the food diary I mention in the video too!