Scouse Bird Problems – Steven Gerrard ‘struggling to get a decent pan of scouse’ in LA

Posted On: 13/08/2015

By: Carl Connor

Following his high profile move to Los Angeles, former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has shared his difficulty in securing his hometown’s signature dish.

After having joined LA Galaxy this summer, Gerrard admits to trouble adjusting

“You’ve got some of the most famous restaurants in the world here, Casa Vega, Cecconi’s, but you walk in and ask for a plate of scouse and they look at you like you’re mad” said Gerrard.

“I never saw one of those Man versus foods where he rocks up in Beverly Hills and scrans down a mazzy pan of scouse”.

“Sure, you can get some mushroom-leek crescents or crab and brie phyllo, and wash it down with a nice Chateau Margaux, but what I’m really after’s a nice two quid plate of stew”.

However, supposedly, the Beatles are still on everywhere.

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