REVIEW: YI 4K Action Camera (Rose Gold)


I love to take photographs. I’m by no means a photographer, but I enjoy that moment when you see a perfect shot, have an idea of how you want it to turn out and then when you see the final image, it’s exactly what you hoped for. Now this can be the most perfect sunset over New York City from on Top of the Rock or it can be another silly selfie with my mates on my iPhone, either way, photographs are great. They are memories. As soon as you click the button to make the shutter go, you’ve saved another memory for you to look back on in years to come (or delete immediately because your mate looks fit and you look a SHE-OW).

We’ve had a digital SLR for years and since our little duo of a family has become a trio, it’s become even more important to capture all of our precious little humans firsts. The SLR is fantastic, I’m not going to lie – for professional looking shots you can’t go wrong. On the other hand it’s big and bulky and and even when I’m putting it down on a steady surface, I’m extra careful not to break it. This is where action cams come in. In the last few years action cams have really took off, with GoPro being the market leader by a million miles, and rightly so. Like I said, I’m not a photographer but I know the basics and the specifications of GoPro competitors don’t even come close, whether it’s frame rate, or how many pixels or even how long the battery lasts. Until now. Chinese company Xiaomi have developed the Yi 4k action cam and to be frank, it’s the shiz. It offers all of the same specs of the GoPro Hero4… but better; 12 mega-pixel photos and 4k videos at 30frames per second and the battery lasts TWICE as long! Other cool features are the time-lapse setting which is great for fabulous sunrises (if you can drag yourself out of bed early enough). So all in all, it’s basically an upgrade on Go Pro and any of it’s competitors, but, OH YEAH, forgot to mention, it’s still nearly £100 cheaper and it comes in rose gold.

Why would I want an action cam I hear you say? There’s tons of reasons!

  • If you’re into the whole outdoors-y, extreme sports thing then you can capture everything you do from downhill BMX’ing to climbing.
  • Fancy a bit of surfing, snorkelling or diving? The Yi 4K has accessories available such as a durable, waterproof case and either chest or head harnesses to help capture every second – there’s even a buoyancy aid just in case you fancy taking it in the sea with you but don’t fancy dropping it.
  • If you’re more of the ‘nights out are my action sports’ kinda girl, the Yi 4k is tiny, probably more so than your compact foundation, so it’s perfect for lashing in your bag for those crystal clear HD night out selfies – without the bad blur of a meffy Snapchat selfie. That’s one way of piecing together your drunken night out antics anyway…
  • Making colleagues jealous – it’s one thing sending snapchats of hotdog legs while you’re on holiday – it’s a whole other ball game when you can send live action shots of parties in the pool during Ibiza closing isn’t it?
  • Milestone memories. We’ve just took our 4 month old on holiday abroad for the first time and with the help of the waterproof case, we captured every blissful second of our daughters first swim, and like I said before, they’re the best moments to keep forever.

For more info and to buy – visit their website here.


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