Vaping: The Gateway Drug To Quitting

With the help of e-cigarettes/vaping more and more people are quitting smoking for good, and this is nothing but a good thing. It’s how I’ve done it, or should I say, doing it. I’m half way through the process. I’ve stopped smoking ciggies but I’m still working my way down the nicotine levels, weaning myself off them for good. A lot of people choose to smoke e-cigarettes out of choice, some people who have never smoked a proper cigarette before, but for me I’ve always had the end goal of not having to rely on anything to get a nicotine fix.
I’m at the stage now where the smell of someone smoking near me kind of knocks me sick, unless I’ve had a bevy and I’m back to where I started. So I’ve gone for a new, more methodical approach. Basically, one of the high end e-liquid producers, Red Vape, have a full range of premium flavours in a selection of different tobacco styles and strengths, as well as all the fruity popular ones of course. My thought process is to find a tobacco flavour I really like and start on that, the closest thing to the real thing. Then move on to another tobacco with less strength and keep it going with weaker flavours and weaker nicotine strengths as opposed to jumping on the e-cig bandwagon and smoking nothing but Sassy Strawberry or whatever.
I started with the real tobacco flavours so when getting that nicotine hit I also got the flavour, and I still felt like I was really smoking. Then I went onto Menthol flavours and then fruit until I didn’t even crave the real tobacco flavours, let alone a real ciggie. It’s worked a treat and up to now I haven’t smoked a real cigarette since New Year’s Eve and I’ve even cut down on vaping just because I just don’t really need it. Red Vape have helped me keep a few years on my life, and I’m proper grateful.