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Everyone knows that when I got married I eloped to New York and did it without any fuss or fanfare and it was just all about us. That being said, I can definitely see the appeal of a gorgeous fairytale wedding; I could just never bring myself to plan anything because I’m just really really lazy. West Tower is this gorgeous little place up in Ormskirk and it’s an exclusive wedding venue. That means everything they do and have is completely geared towards weddings and so it’s very photo friendly. West Tower is for wedding venues what The Florist is for people who like Instagramming everything. All abou’ da life.


I was invited along to one of their taster evenings – when you book a wedding with West Tower you get a free taster evening where you go along and try all the food on the menu so you can make your final decision as to what you want to serve to your guests on the big day. I took my current husband to see where I’m deffo gonna marry my second husband – bit awkward.

The first thing you see when you pull up the driveway is the main West Tower building itself and my god is it impressive. It’s basically a mini castle. The grounds are littered with gorgeous little photo opps like a wishing well, old fashioned lampposts, unreal greenery and a view over the surrounding feels that looks sick at sunset.

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Walking through the doors into the grand house you’re hit by a waft of Jo Malone – and let’s face it, there’s nothing that screams classy wedding more than a fit, expensive candle is there? None of that Asda Vanilla Frosting Sunset Dream crap here.

Look at all the awards they’ve won…

For the taster evening, we were hosted in the main ceremony room, which gets turned around into the wedding breakfast dining area after you say ‘I do’ and sign yourself up for a lifetime of arguing over whose turn it is to take out the bins. (Always his turn FYI) That means you get you say your vows AND cry over your dad’s speech about his ‘little girl’ in the same gorgeous room with tons of light and panoramic views over the countryside. It really is gorgeous.

On the taster evening you also get you choose which wine will be served to your guests, a different colour for every course. They say you should never judge a book by its cover but the same clearly isn’t true for wine because I chose the one with the prettiest label on for every course and they all ended up being the nicest tasting. There ya go, they’ll look impressive to your guests and even your plazzy posh Auntie Sharon from The Wirral will be impressed by the taste while she’s quaffing it back.

The food is next level gorgeous. I’m a vegetarian so I sampled nearly every veggie option on the menu and I’m really not lying, over a week later and I’m still thinking about the goats cheese croquettes. I wonder if West Tower have ever thought about going on Just Eat?

West Tower can accommodate quite a few of your guests and we took a look around some of the suites upstairs and let’s just say, I couldn’t resist having a full on editorial shoot. It’s very Vogue up there guys. These were taken in the sumptuous Dom Perignon suite.

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They say that a picture paints a thousand words and apparently it is possible to taste with your eyes so rather than try and describe how sexy the food is, I’ll leave you with these totally decadent food porn pictures and kindly request that if you choose West Tower for your wedding and happen to have goats cheese croquettes on your menu (and why wouldn’t you??) then can you please toss me an invite? Ta.

For more info on booking West Tower or seeing what sort of packages they offer, you can visit their website here.



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