Malta: Where to stay


I decided to do something a bit different here and so I went for 3 different hotel options to suit all budgets. ‘Budget’, ‘Bargain’ and ‘Be a princess’. Here’s the lowdown on where to stay in Malta:


We stayed in the university halls in Lija for the first few days of our trip. This is basic accommodation but staying here isn’t bad if you’re planning on being out most of the time exploring anyway – why pay through the nose for 5 star luxury if you’re not planning on taking full advantage? The beds are comfortable and the place is clean and extremely spacious and there’s even a boss little pool and bar area. If uni accommodation in England had this then I might have even gone. Wi-fi isn’t included in the room rate but you can buy a pass for 5 days for €12 – this works best in reception or around the pool area. Lija is smack bang in the middle of the island too so it’s a great base for getting everywhere…every journey we took seemed to be only 20 minutes away. The town square is a 1 minute walk from the accommodation and has a few bars, a restaurant and a shop selling beer for €1 – can’t argue. You can book university rooms from all over the world on – the room we stayed in was only €28 euros a night meaning you can get a weeks stay for around £150. Boss.






We originally booked a middle of the road hotel in St George’s Bay/Paceville which is the party town of Malta. After arriving at the Blue Sea La Valette and showing them my booking email we were sent around to the other reception by a very disinterested looking receptionist as their printer wasn’t working and they needed to print out the voucher to check us in. I waited for 40 minutes at the other reception down the road but their printer wasn’t working either and the woman dealing with me went off to take various other phonecalls without giving me any indication as to what was going on. While I was there a couple came down to complain that their room was disgusting and asked if they could change, the receptionist simply shrugged and said they were fully booked and the rooms are all the same. When the couple threatened to leave they were magically found another room. Another guest complained that she could only use her all inclusive at one specific bar which was miles away from the pool area and not the pool bar. That’s my pet hate of all inclusive, if you’re going to run an all inclusive offer make sure it does what it says on the tin or don’t bother. The receptionist was again completely unconcerned. After trying to check in for nearly an hour we booked another hotel and left. Don’t bother staying here unless you love bad service and sleeping in reception.

We then stayed at Oriana at The Topaz which was in Bugibba in St Paul’s bay. Service was great, we had to check out at 4:30am to catch the flight home and although they didn’t start serving breakfast until 7am they still made up breakfast boxes to take away and made sure we had tea and coffee available which was a great touch. We loved the rooftop pool and the location was brilliant (Bugibba is full of bars and restaurants) although the room itself was nothing to write home about. My only complaint was that the wi-fi only worked in reception and not in the room. This was around €40 per night.


Be a princess

Well Casa Ellul was just the jewel in the crown of Valletta. My biggest regret is that we only stayed here for one night. The service was amazing, we were checked in without fuss and were showed to our amazing duplex apartment only to find a bottle of chilled prosecco waiting for us with a personalised letter thanking us for choosing Casa Ellul. The private terrace just off the bedroom was a perfect sun trap and ideal for watching the sun go down or sunbathing. I’ve never really understood the fuss over thread count but oh my god, that bed was the most comfiest thing I have ever slept in. It was like an angel gently carried me and tucked me into a cloud. Wifi was available all over the hotel, each room had it’s own network and it was good quality wifi too. The rooms all came with fully stocked mini bar, safe and wi-fi speakers. Breakfast was included in the price of the room and is all freshly made for you there and then, right down to the croissants on the continental breakfast. The air con worked so well that the camera steamed up when we left and walked out into the humidity. The highlight was of course the fact that you could see straight into the waterfall shower from the comfort of your bed meaning that perving at your fella in the shower is just too easy. This would be an amazing place for a romantic getaway with your one. Rooms start from €200 a night –













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