NYC: My New York trip in pictures


A picture tells a thousand words so I tried to document the highlights of my NYC trip in pictures – complete with little mini write ups. So if you’re heading to NYC and want to doΒ some touristy stuff but want to experience some slightly different things too then I got you.

With some of these posts you can scroll across too so don’t miss the extra pictures and videos!

We returned to New York after eloping here in January 2016 so it will always have a very special place in my heart. I was 6 months pregnant at the time and felt like an actual whale so I didn’t bother going to Sephora or doing any of the shopping stuff as I felt like utter crap about myself (perfect time to get married right? Swear to god, pregnancy sends you loopy). Plus we visited in the middle of winter and it’s a very different place in the summer.

I would deffo recommend eloping to anyone who doesn’t fancy the fuss of organising a big white wedding (I don’t know how you brides do it!), it was a lovely day, all about us and the wedding pictures are out of this world. You can read all about how we did it and what you need to do if you want to do it too here.

Cora. Available for all modelling jobs even in sweaty conditions. No seriously I've had a few questions about what it's like taking a baby to NYC and on a plane so here's my top tips: 1. If you're flying with an airline that offers cots, request one, because it hooks onto the bulkhead and you get extra legroom for free πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ plus it's nice to have somewhere for them to actually get some sleep – we flew @virginatlantic because I have an airmiles account and I managed to save up enough for free flights – yasss. 2. Get yourself a lightweight buggy/stroller – there's one from @mothercareuk called the XSS and honest to god, it folds down into a little square, weighs next to nothing, and comes with its own carry bag about the size and shape of a tote bag. You can buy a clip on Sun parasol too πŸ‘ŒπŸ½3. You can get whole milk from any corner shop and serve it cold to keep them cool if they're not a big water drinker. That's all I have for now πŸ˜†

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Just waiting for our pizza in the world famous Juliana's just the other side of the Brooklyn bridge (pizza photos to follow, so dieters, look away now). I've been going to @markmeliadesigns for years now and it's like every dress he makes surpasses the last. This one is a little different to his signature 'crystallised and embellished' style that you can recognise in an instant but I saw this rainbow fabric and just fell in love. I couldn't imagine a better dress to wear for my birthday and I've had at least 10 people stop to tell me how amazing the dress is, so thank you once again Mark. You're fantastic! Ps it really requires heels but after doing 40,000 steps in 2 days my feet are in bits so I'm rocking the early Lily Allen look.

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What's in the bags? What's in the bags? Well the Sephora bag I'll show you all when I'm home – there's soooo much stuff but in the other bag, was a bag, this bag. The sickest little backpack you've ever seen 😍Yes designer bags are expensive but, hear me out, on a cost per wear basis, they're practically cheap. I might buy a gorgeous river island bag and use it for a few months and that's fine but because I've not spent a lot on it, it's not special and it's almost disposable (for the next fab bag they have in stock). I bought my neverfull 3 years ago and I've used it literally nearly every day since and it's still in boss condition, so really, on a cost per wear basis it's cheaper than the river island bag πŸ’…πŸ½ so I'm applying the same principle to this backpack. Bags are my guilty pleasure I'll save all my money for – I always dreamed of having designer bags when I was younger and it was something I never thought I'd achieve and I cried when I bought my first one ❀️

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Here’s my NYC Sephora Haul – it’s very beautiful 😍

Group number at @ellensstardust

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