Getting away from it all…


When it comes to getting away camping for the weekend, in the UK we’re blessed with thousands of locations and hundreds of thousands of campsites to choose from. Despite what you may think, camping can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone, especially with the new trend in ‘Glamping’. Even the most pampered prinny’s can ‘rough it’ (read as: Stay in a central heated, fully hooked up with electrics, completely solid wooden shelter with all the facilities and amenities.)¬†for a few days. The seasoned experts may prefer a spot in the complete wilderness, in the middle of a natural park for example, with the only running water being a small stream. Others may prefer these huge camping and caravanning sites with specifically designated fields with electric hook ups to every tent with a bar, restaurant and clubhouse on site with nightly entertainment. Each to their own with all possesing their own merits. My idea of a weekend paradise is somewhere in between. The joys of the great outdoors surrounded by natural beauty but with the option of onsite toilets so i dont have to shit into a hole I’ve dug, and I think, I’ve found it…

Llyn Gwynant is located within a valley on the edge of a beautiful lake, hidden by the surrounding mountains of Snowdonia and just down the road from the quaint village of Beddgelert. The site is made up of three or four fields edged by an idealic stream leading to the lake. Having said that, it’s not hard to find at all and the last leg of the journey is a joy, as you cruise along the winding road through the hills and forest. On site there is a toilet block with a full set of showers which means you can leave the baby wipes and jib off the prozzy wash. They have a stone baked oven which cooks the most amazing pizza for tea, if not a little pricey, and a breakfast bar for bacon and sausage butties in the morning, or a tub of strawberries if you’re one of those weird healthy eating people.

The site is not too far from Snowdon, so is ideal for walkers to do a bit of rambling. They have canoe hire so you can venture out onto the lake and find the hidden jumping spots only accessible by water. The fresh water fishing is meant to be fantastic so you can go full Bear Grylls and catch your tea if you want. They have portable firepits dotted all over the site that you can easily move over to your camp so you can have the warmth of a campfire without damaging the grass. No music is to be played after 11pm and all big groups are warned on arrival of the curfew so it’s also great for kids, but not as great for groups wanting a weekend piss up. You can like, that’s what we did, we just kept it respectable an tha.

As it’s based in a valley basin the wind can really hit some speeds so if the weather isnt great, make sure you use all the extra guidelines and proper pegs otherwise you’ll be waking up in the next field with the sheep. A possible ‘con’, depending on how tecnologically savvy and socially needy you are, is that there is next to no phone signal, on most networks. So if uploading all your amazing ‘sunrise over the lake’ pics to Instagram is a must then prepare to be irked. Having said that, if you want to get away from the world for some peace and quiet for a few days then this is defintely a pro.

I’ll leave you with this, there’s nothing that wakes you up in the morning like crawling out your tent and strolling a couple of metres to splash your face in the cool, refreshing water of a lake, surrounded by the most majestic mountains and a cracking view.


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