Taking glamping up a notch


You may remember last year I posted a couple of articles on how to make camping more glamorous – 10 items a princess needs to survive camping and top 10 festival hacks – but truth be told, these were just little tips and tricks to make camping that bit more comfortable and we’re not messing around any more. Now it’s time to go pro guys – we’ve got all the gear and so much idea.

First things first (I know you just said “I’m the realest” in your head), you need a good tent – if you haven’t got this then it’s kind of hard to make your camp a home from home. I said it then and I’ll say it now – the Coleman Cortez Octagon 8 is a boss tent for this and here’s why:

  • It’s a round ‘circus style’ with one big room inside that you can stand up in. It might not sound like a big deal but being able to stand up in your tent makes such a difference when you’re living it up in the great outdoors (and having a babywipe wash).
  • You can spot it dead easily in a sea of tents if you’re taking it to a festival – not only because it comes in either bright orange or bright green but it towers over all of those crappy pop up tents which’ll leave other fezzy goers green with envy. Ditto goes for normal camping – the octagon 8 can hold it’s own with any trailer tent/super size tents out there
  • Technically it sleeps 8 people, which translates to 2 glampers (plus children) 💅.
  • It comes with a room divider so you could split the big room into two if you wanted to.
  • It’s easy to put up (my husband can do it single handedly in 15 minutes… no messing, I’ve timed him.)
  • It’s easy to put back away as well – everything is colour coded so you know where to pack everything.
  • The tent bag comes on wheels (easier to drag to your spot at a festival) and it’s the perfect size for taking back the car to carry “equipment” (crates of ale) back to your pitch.

It’s the shit even moreso now, because there’s an awning extension  available these days meaning that you can have one big massive bedroom/dressing room in the tent and then lash this awning on and you’ve got a whole new living area for sitting, eating, playing cards, storage and kitchen area. It’s also the perfect place to sit and take shelter while it inevitaby pisses down – is it even a real camping trip if it doesn’t rain at least once?

Octagon 8 before…

Octagon 8 after. Yep, it’s a monster!

Not going to lie, having the extra separate space is a huge help – when you’re camping, keeping things tidy is half the battle towards keeping it glam. When you’ve got a living/kitchen space you don’t have to have piles of pans next to your bed, or pot noodles mixed in with your knickers. An organised space is a relaxing space.

If you want to get really organised then the 2in1 foldaway table (also from Coleman) is a brilliant invention too. It’s not like those flimsy foldaway camping tables that last two minutes, it’s sturdy and it’s built to last. It folds down really flat so it’s no problem getting it in the car and it comes with storage shelves underneath so it’s dead easy to keep everything tidy 👌

Obviously, never forget the bog roll 😂

If you really want to pimp out the sleeping arrangements then forget about leaky airbeds and fighting to get in and out of sleeping bags for a 3am wee – you need to make it a real home from home. The Durarest raised double mattress (and rechargeable air pump) is so firm and high that you could be forgiven for thinking it’s an actual divan bed. No getting up in the middle of the night to find you’re now sleeping on the floor because the mattress has gone flatter than your curly blow in the rain and no practising to be a contortionist trying to silently escape from your sleeping bag; just bring a duvet and pillows. Ah bliss.

And considering this is a child who fights sleep with every fibre of her being, I’d say she gives it a 10/10 👍🏼

Happy glamping! ✨


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