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Rollers aren’t an accessory, they’re a way of life!

When you’ve got to go the shops in your rollers (to ensure maximum volume on Saturday night) then what better way to do it than in fab rollers? When you’ve got to sleep in rollers (to ensure maximum volume errrr’day) what better way that to do it in cushiony goodness! Genuine SLEEPINROLLERS #ORIGINALISBEST. Rollers will either be pink leopard print, plain pink or purple glitter and will be sent at random

 “Our original, revolutionary rollers are the celebrity choice of roller.  They’re designed to flatten like a sponge when you lay down (letting you sleep in comfort) then wake up to hair with body and bounce!

Don’t be fooled by pale imitations – our Sleep-In Rollers are the original and best… And are the only rollers to be seen “out-and-about” in! 

Gift set contains:

20 pink original rollers,                                            

velour pouch of clips,                                                

Backcombing Brush.                                                                       


Buy – Hair – “They see me rollerin’, they hatin'” Scouse Bird sleep in rollers



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