7 Simple Signs You’re Officially Stepping Into Adulthood


Becoming a fully fledged grown up is something you have always had musings about. Will you feel any different once you hit that milestone? Will your thought processes and opinions alter overnight? It is safe to say that none of this is true; stepping into adulthood is a lengthy process that will take some adjusting to. You feel like the time has come, at last, for you to embrace your grown up self. There are a whole host of adult problems you haven’t necessarily been prepared for in your life. However, now is the time to start thinking about entering the big wide world of adulthood. If you aren’t sure whether you have reached this point in your life yet, you might want to consider some of the following simple signs.


1.You’re Making Life Changing Decisions


When you get to a crossroads in your life you can either call your mum for advice or make a rational decision for yourself. Whether you want to know the side effects of the morning after pill or you need to learn how to pay your taxes, you will be faced with a whole host of life changing decisions in your life. When you are able to come to terms with these choices by yourself, you know you have taken a step closer into adulthood.


  1. You’re Thinking About the Future

Your mind might wander towards thoughts about your future from time to time. This is completely normal for people at any stage in their life, but when you start thinking more seriously, you know it’s the real deal. Whether you’re contemplating getting married, having children or buying a house, these are the kind of future thoughts that make you a fully fledged grown up.


  1. You’re Stepping Up Your Career Plans

When you start thinking seriously about your future career, you know you have reached adulthood. Understanding what kind of job makes you truly happy will take time. However, when you are growing into an adult it can quickly become clear what the right path for you may be.


  1. You’re Reassessing Your Relationships 

Starting to realise your self worth is a majorly enlightening moment when you’re in your adult years. When you have the confidence to walk away from a toxic relationship, you know you have reached a whole new level in life. 


  1. You Aren’t Afraid To Express Yourself

When you were younger you were told to bite your tongue rather than express your true thoughts. As an adult this becomes less and less likely as you feel the need to make your opinions known. You should never be afraid to express your opinions, especially at this stage in your life.


  1. You’re Confident In Yourself

That moment when you really don’t care what other people think is super refreshing. Your confidence will grow and grow as you age, but it can take time to feel fully at ease with yourself. When it comes to being more confident in yourself this will come as you progress into adulthood. You can’t expect it to happen overnight but you can expect it to have a profound effect on the way you view yourself. When you have the self assurance to step out the front door without worrying what others think, you will have hit a whole new milestone in your life.


  1. You Know What You Want in Life 

As soon as you are able to stand up and say a firm “yes” or “no” to something, you know you have reached a milestone in your life. Your personal opinions and goals for yourself can’t be wavered when you have reached the official status of an adult. You might not realise it at first, but you will soon know exactly what you want from life. The moment you have reached this point, you can feel a sense of relief that everything is finally falling into place.


Stepping out into the big wide world of adulthood is not an easy task. Most of us try to mask this stage of our life for as long as possible, but it is important to embrace it for what it is. Soon enough you will start to recognise these signs within your own patterns of behaviour. Whether you’re making more level headed judgements or you’re finally feeling more confident in yourself, there is so much to look forward to. So embrace this part of your adult life and feel at ease with yourself at last. Adulthood isn’t so bad after all!