Laser Treatment: Skin Tightening. What you need to know…


There are many things you can control in life, but the onset of skin damage is among the most difficult things to stave off. That is because your skin is many things. For example, it is the largest organ of your body. It is also the only external organ you have. Yet, it is affected by internal processes, as well as external exposures. When the vulnerability of your skin starts to take its toll, laser skin tightening may help you reverse that damage.


Totally Preventing Skin Damage is Impossible

You might wonder if you can just avoid skin damage. Some of it may be avoidable, but not all of it. For example, you can exercise, eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy habits. However, you may still have a certain genetic predisposition to developing certain skin issues. You also cannot completely control how much pollution, sun or weather your skin is exposed to throughout your lifetime. All of that exposure adds up over time.


Another issue relating to skin damage you cannot avoid is your body itself. Your body has natural internal processes that change over time. For example, it naturally produces fewer skin strengthening hormone as you age. Some of those processes can be slowed with certain supplements or treatments, but stopping them entirely is impossible.


Using Laser Skin Tightening to Treat Sagging Skin Quickly

Time is a major factor in the world of laser skin tightening in two ways. First, you need to seek treatment in time. Each of the clinical-lasers for sale in the world today are capable of treating mild to moderate wrinkles. However, they cannot treat severely sagging skin. If you seek help quickly at the first signs of trouble, you have a greater chance of laser success and eliminating the need for surgery.


The other time factor associated with laser treatment is the amount of time the treatment itself takes. You must consider that before having the procedure performed. Each session can last from a few minutes to approximately an hour. Some sessions can take a bit longer. The length of the session is largely determined by the amount of skin you wish to have treated.


The short length of a single treatment session may sound appealing, but you must keep in mind one session is never enough. Most laser treatments require at least five or six sessions to be complete. Even with that repetition, the procedures are typically considered far more convenient and less risky than surgery. They are also less expensive. However, you must make sure you have the time to invest in attending the sessions regularly, as needed, before scheduling your first procedure.


Visiting the Laser Clinic for Your First Skin Tightening Session

Laser treatment involves two important elements. Those are light and heat. Both cause changes in your skin. The heat is particularly important because heating up your skin cells causes minor damage. Specifically it impacts collagen. Collagen is somewhat of a cellular glue. It helps your skin stay cohesive. If you are starting to see wrinkles and sags, it is likely your body is no longer producing enough collagen. Your existing collagen may also be damaged. The treatment helps existing collagen molecules to function better and helps your body start producing additional collagen to repair the minor damage the laser beam causes.


Despite the importance of laser heat for skin tightening, there is a downside. That is the heat can be a bit uncomfortable. However, a combination of numbing lotions and cool air can be used to keep you as comfortable as you can be during the brief treatment process. You may also experience a secondary sensation a bit like a mild pinch when the laser beam contacts your skin during treatment.