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I have a bit of a fetish for nice smelling deodorant. I’m still to this day mourning the discontinuation of Sure’s Calming spray – that was the mac daddy of boss smells and I’ve yet to find one quite as amazing.

I was excited when Sure brought out a new range of cream roll ons (the likes of which I hadn’t seen since the late 90’s when that was all the rage) so I decided to try all 3.

The formula gives maximum protection against perspiration…don’t they all claim to? Although after the gym and hot yoga I still smell fresh and great so I’ll give them that.

Scent wise none of them can replace the Sure Calming shaped hole in my olfactory heart but they all still smell fab. The pink one “confidence” is my favourite – they all have a clean smell to them rather than fruity or floral.

Bring back Sure Calming!



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